Judge Feldman Hears Arguments in Louisiana Attorney Advertising Regulations Challenge

This morning, Judge Feldman with the United States Eastern District Court for Louisiana heard arguments from plaintiffs and defendants on the constitutionality of new attorney advertising regulations in Louisiana. The regulations are set to take effect on October 1, 2009.

The Court presided over arguments related to Motions for Summary Judgment filed by all parties to the action, and a Motion to Dismiss from the Defendants.

Plaintiffs Scott Wolfe Jr. and Wolfe Law Group argued that the Louisiana advertising regulations restricted Internet advertisements without identifying any harm or problem with those advertisements, and without crafting the rules to practically work with how attorneys use the Internet to advertise and communicate.

You can read all of the pleadings set for hearing at our JD Supra page, including Scott Wolfe and Wolfe Law Group’s Summary Judgment Memorandum.

Judge Feldman adjourned court at approximately 12:30 p.m., and took the matter under advisement, promising to release an opinion “without delay.”

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2 Responses to Judge Feldman Hears Arguments in Louisiana Attorney Advertising Regulations Challenge

  1. Phil Goldstein, Bulldog Investors says:

    Why do state bar associations keep adopting policies that are blatantly unconstitutional? It is well established that a prohibition on advertising that is neither deceptive nor coercive is unconstitutional. There is no doubt that the advertising regulations challenged in this case and the New York case will be declared unconstitutional. The defenses are frivolous and any lawyer for a bar association that persists in defending similar regulations should be sanctioned under rule 11.

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